Dear Ascending Family,

Welcome to our Krystal Aegis pages! Here you will find a summation of the ES essentials, which we feel are required to re-educate ourselves on the Ascension pathway leading us back to self sovereignty. To be sovereign over our personal energies we must learn how to take back our personal power and reclaim our spiritual energies. If we do not reclaim our energies, reclaim our mind and emotions, something else will. This re-education process is called energetic self mastery or self leadership. Here one will learn to lead one's life for one's true spiritual purpose and as a result, achieve greater peace, happiness and fulfillment as one learns to connect with their true Original Spirit.

When we understand how fear is created in the body, it can be helpful in releasing the grip of anxiety and fear patterns. To that end, we will review some basic information on how the bodies physiology is affected by fear and trauma and how this is exploited by dark forces.

This series of information has been compiled with the purpose of bringing a variety of tools to achieve increased self-awareness, and to improve inner energetic balance through multidimensional body integration. The emphasis with all of these workshops, tools, and exercises is to learn how to increase personal self-awareness through the multidimensional body system model. There is a tremendous amount of information below with core support practices to build integration within your basic FOUR BODY layered system. Integration and negative ego awareness comes from being in balance with oneself and establishing the right relationship to self. Therefore establishing the right relationship to God Source. The more balanced and integrated we are, the better we are able to connect and embody our spiritual bodies.

1. Clear Personality Influences

  1. Now Self
  2. Other Selves
  3. Collective Mind
  4. Ancestral/Genetic
  5. Attachments
  6. Fragments
  7. All Combinations
  8. Mind Slides
  9. Obfuscator
  10. Mind Control
  11. Inorganic
  12. Replace Organic

These are my Introduction to Ascension audio files. Listen to all audio tracks – As a suggested tool for a daily exercise spiritual practice or particular healing objective.