Dear Ascending Family,

Welcome to our Krystal Aegis pages! Here you will find a summation of the ES essentials, which we feel are required to re-educate ourselves on the Ascension pathway leading us back to self sovereignty. To be sovereign over our personal energies we must learn how to take back our personal power and reclaim our spiritual energies. If we do not reclaim our energies, reclaim our mind and emotions, something else will. This re-education process is called energetic self mastery or self leadership. Here one will learn to lead one's life for one's true spiritual purpose and as a result, achieve greater peace, happiness and fulfillment as one learns to connect with their true Original Spirit.

Connecting with your Original Spirit is the same as connecting and activating your authentic spiritual blueprint and divine mission in life. You are then able to live your life with connection, protection, purpose and meaning, which pervades every cell of your existence.  This is the process of learning to awaken and walk in this world as a God-Sovereign-Free human being, infused with the Inner Christos light. 


First you may want to download or print out your Krystal Aegis Handbook, which will highlight the basics and give you some handy tools in developing your daily Ascension practice.

Ascension Glossary Pages

These are some glossary pages for those who are just getting familiar with ES language describing Awakening and Spiritual Ascension, as well as clearing practices and other tools. Be patient, as with a little effort and study you'll find your footing soon enough!


Basic Background

You may have dived into the current ES material without the benefit of the basic background and history, which progrssively builds a foundation so one is much more adept with the Ascension language. The more advanced material in the ES Community discusses clearing alien machinery and inorganic implants, as well as the hidden human ET and Galactic histories. These are  memories stored in our soul and monadic bodies. To be in self-mastery with personal energies, ultimately most people will require a comprehensive understanding of our Extraterrestrial history, in order to understand what has happned to the earth. This is because once you witness the event that had caused trauma and pain from a perception of realization of that event, you changes the timeline and ceases to carry its imprint, karma or miasma in the genetic record and flesh. When you release and clear these imprints from the moment of personal realization, you are free from their control over you and your ancestors. Most people will need a context for what they are looking at when cellular memories are being released and cleared from their physical and energetic body. As you witness these clearings neutrally, you remove the pain they caused in your body. One will experience freedom, lightness and clarity that bring a deep communion with source light energies. 

There are a lot of tools and techniques available that can help you learn to clear fear, remove emotional issues and get deeper clarity within. I highly suggest the 9 classes on psychic self defense. I feel it is important for us to understand psychic realms, so as not to be bogged down in other people’s negative energies, as well as old destructive patterns of behavior.

Take these classes in at your own pace. The ultimate suggestion is one class a week. Each class is about 2 hours with a  guided meditation practice.

Keep perfecting your 12D Shield and strengthening your boundaries between yourself and others, by creating a protective energy shield around your aura. Your suggested homework will have meditations and techniques to work with shifting negative mental thoughts. Find which technique works well for you and that you like best and use it daily. You will notice big shifts if you commit to the process and dedicate yourself. The key is consistency, a dedicated practice for every day goes a long way. 

Suggestions areas to stay focused on:

1. Build your mental context by exploring and integrating new levels of your ascension exploration into greater self actualization. Keep the focus on building relationships and language that helps you to re-contextualize your life patterns, moving away from old destructive behaviors and limiting mental beliefs and into empowering new behaviors of connecting with your inner spirit and multidimensional selves.  Communicate with people that share these same kinds of values with you.

2. Discipline your mind and beliefs from allowing external or internal fear, insecurity or doubt to control you or loop in mental obsessions or negative thoughts and behaviors. Shift out of emotional conflicts and overcome fears. 

3. Create multiple outlets for the practice of mental refocusing. Harness and focus your mental power, finding anything that you enjoy, such as martial arts, meditation and psychic clarity development. One cannot achieve inner clarity with an unclear and confused mind. Attune and refine your brain and attempt to balance your brain chemistry by choosing thoughts that are balanced, positive and healthy. Negative thoughts impact brain chemistry negatively and can make us ill. Positive thoughts impact the brain chemistry positively and improve our health. 

4. Explore your spiritual commitment and design your own wellness and spiritual health program based on the information you feel the most resonant and in tune with. It is time to build the inner core foundation so that you have a spiritual house, a foundation on which to build and be supported by as you spiritually grow. Try to have fun with it, use humor to release stress, play music, be creative.

5. With some of the nervous exhaustion many of us undergo during Ascension you may want to consider exploring and gently adding some brain formula or neurological supplements, to support your brain, sensory functions and nervous system. 

6. Explore mild detoxification and parasite cleansing (ie adding spirulina, greens or liver support herbs to give your body extra support) and consider various methods of getting the toxicity out of your elimination channels, blood stream and body. Toxicity and parasites are known to create neurological issues and thought obsessions, through their conductive properties, which are unhealthy for the human body.

This is a basic guideline to begin putting together a wellness and spiritual practice routine that WORKS FOR YOU. It must feel like something you can integrate into your daily life and that you make some time for consistently. A little commitment goes a long way, so do not be too aspiring, take it at your own pace, but be consistent.

Much love, peace and happiness wished for you!

Welcome to our Krystal Aegis pages and thank you for collaborating with the Guardian consciousness to learn how to free yourself and others. 

Lisa and our ES Mentors