1. Clear Personality Influences

  1. Now Self
  2. Other Selves
  3. Collective Mind
  4. Ancestral/Genetic
  5. Attachments
  6. Fragments
  7. All Combinations
  8. Mind Slides
  9. Obfuscator
  10. Mind Control
  11. Inorganic
  12. Replace Organic

2. Now Self Integration Package

  1. I AM the Power, Master and Cause of My Emotions.
  2. I AM the Power, Master and Cause of My Mind.
  3. I AM Comfortable with my Body, Within and Without.
  4. I AM Integrated, Whole and Balanced.
  5. I AM Responsible for Choices that are for my Greater Purpose. I AM in Flow with Life.
  6. I AM Gods Perfect Expression. I express myself with Ease and Clarity.
  7. I AM Worthy to Receive Love, Appreciation and Abundance as God Intended.
  8. I AM Blessed and Content with my Life. I AM Living my Highest Purpose.
  9. I AM filled with Appreciation and Gratitude For All Things in My Life.
  10. I AM the Eternal Self and I Know Who I AM.
  11. I AM Committed to the Expansion of Consciousness of Myself and the Planet.
  12. I AM Aligned and Attuned to Mother/Father God and Allow that Love to Flow through Me.
  13. I AM experiencing Benevolent Healing. I Trust in my personal relationship with God.
  14. I AM Safe, Protected and Supported by God, in every area of my life.
  15. I AM Divinely Guided, Accepted and Loved. I AM Included in God’s Plan of Love, Light and Power.
  16. I AM Unique and Honor my Special Skills and abilities in Service to Others.
  17. I AM a Valuable Person. I Value my Time and Energy, as my Path is important.
  18. I AM the Source of my Abundance. I Focus my Love to Multiply God’s Goodness in myself and others.
  19. I AM Abundantly provided for when I follow my Heart and Highest Purpose.
  20. I AM Releasing the Old and Embracing the New, I Cast my burden to God.
  21. I AM Innocent. I Forgive myself Totally and Completely.
  22. I AM always in the Right Place at the Right Time.
  23. I AM Willing to see the Truth and go Beyond the Shadow of Fear.
  24. I AM totally Congruent with my Spirit and Divine Purpose.
  25. I AM Able to Receive more Love and Abundance, every day and in every way.
  26. I AM A Success! I Allow myself to Feel and Experience my Success.
  27. I AM Integrity. I speak the Truth in the Integrity of the Light.
  28. I AM Gods Promise of Freedom, Liberation and Truth. I AM the Eternal Living Light.
  29. I AM Congruent, Consistent, Centered and Responsible in all Aspects of My Life.
  30. I AM Clarity, I AM making Evolutionary Choices that bring the Highest Expression to All.
  31. I AM God. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free! I AM Unity!
  32. I Accept the Male and Female within Me. I AM Perfect Balance.
  33. I AM the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I AM the Cosmic Christ!

3. Instructions

  1. Say this verbal Affirmation 3x at several intervals during your day. If more than one Affirmation has been given, rotate them in the sequence given.
  2. Meditate with the coded Affirmation, and infuse it within your heart chakra.
  3. Write the affirmation on paper and post it in your daily living area, work space or mirror. Look at it often. Intend to induct the integration package into your energy field. (For a minimum of 21 days)
  4. Ask Guidance to view any Mind Control Obstacles to your Integration Package, and further, to release, memory, pain and constructs blocking your body, mind, emotions and spirit from its highest purposes.
  5. When you feel process is complete, Thank and Release Guidance invited into your session to support healing Integration Package.
  6. Sleep state will generate Integration Package for the Now Self. Set this intention before bedtime.