It is only possible to engage with Emotional Healing once we have achieved greater levels of Self Awareness, which is the fruit of dedicated self-inquiry. The process of becoming aware of our Emotional Triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the Consciousness they are. The still point of which this consciousness connects into the parts of our mind is that which forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life. Through observation and self-inquiry, we become aware of the contents of our psychological and emotional patterns of behavior.

Suggestions for Emotional Body Goals:

  • Learn to identify how to connect your emotional feelings and sensory to an awareness you can feel inside your body or cognitive process.
  • Learn how to better integrate your emotional self to connect into your physical and mental self.
  • Learn how to bring expression to what you are feeling, as possible in the moment you become aware of that feeling or sensory perception.
  • Master expressing emotion without becoming stuck in the identification of it as who you are. ( do not define yourself by emotions, experience them as a color palette you are choosing to use while painting a picture)
  • Identify any negative or unproductive emotions and thoughts and discover where they are sourcing from. Own all of your thoughts and discern if they are YOURS or not.
  • Commit to removing and clearing all unproductive or damaging Negative Ego thought patterns form your past. Adopt a flexible yet disciplined attitude to be within right aligned thinking.
  • Clear fear, limitation, insecurities.
  • Identify all emotional conflicts, bring them to surface awareness and be willing to resolve them. Ask for help when needed.
  • Eliminate dross and waste, such as : guilt, shame, obligation and Emotional Vampires in your life. (or influencing your life)
  • Eliminate all emotional drama and any person or circumstance that persists in this type of relating in a Triangulation or extraction process of your resources.

Emotional Body Clearing Tools

  • Step One: Specific Core Fear Identification Exercise (deeper inquiry, specific fear programs)
  • Step Two: Specific Core Fear Removal Program
  • Step Three: Emotional Releases through Subconscious
  • Daily Exercise: Learn to Let Go
  • Practice : Patience, Surrender, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Be Here Now.
  • Apply Self Forgiveness, Learn to Forgive others, Core Soul Protection, Krystal Aegis.

Shutting Down Heart Creates Violence

The False King of Tyranny program is used to completely shut down the heart and thus terminate the ability to access the deep emotional expressions of sensory feeling in boys and men. When we shut down the emotional feeling and sensory capacity, because it is not considered a masculine trait, we are cultivating violence in boys that grow up to be violent men. This is the productive terrain that spreads the False King of Tyranny, thus, Satanic forces on the earth. If we do not help our boys respect and accept their own inner female principle, giving healthy respect to emotions and intuitive sensory abilities, we are growing them into emotionally disconnected and violent adult men. Violence can be acted out and expressed inwardly and outwardly. However, the purposeful shutting down of aberrant accumulated emotions, and not allowing a way to express those pent up emotions, eventually turns into outward manifestations of Aggression, perversion and violence. See Masculine Healing.

Feminine, What you Need to Know

Your emotions can overwhelm you with complexity or guide the highest intuition. Accept that intuition is uncannily accurate and naturally inside you. This is perfectly normal. You inherently know more than you ever thought you did. Learn how to trust those inner feelings without reaction or how you may be judged by others. When you do not react but choose to Respond, you can read between the lines and subtle energies, to guide thinking and behavior to the highest outcome. Humbly know that you are the key to unlock Self Awareness and Consciousness. Expressing emotions allows us to form intimate, meaningful and healing bonds that develop us spiritually. Feelings are the way Consciousness and spirit communicate with us, so this is the doorway to communicating with soul, spirit and God. When we learn how to communicate with God spirit from our heart, we are eternally protected. Be open and willing to start conversations with the masculine to express your authentic feelings. Speak from your true heart, and never punish honesty when it is spoken. See Female Healing.

What is Emotional Manipulation?

First there are many reasons why people feel the need to control people, places and things, as well as manipulate others to fulfill whatever they believe their personal needs, desires and wishes are. We will bring to the surface the most common issues that are based on wounded egos with very little Self Esteem and therefore little self-sufficiency. People that are controlling will always use manipulation tactics. This may be subtle techniques or progress into master manipulators like many Narcissistic personalities. Manipulation refers to making attempts at indirectly influencing or controlling someone else's behavior or actions. As human beings, our negative emotions often cloud our Discernment making it difficult to see the reality behind hidden agendas or motives in different forms of behavior. The controlling aspects or in depth complexity of perpetuating deceptions are linked to Emotional Manipulation and Lying Techniques and are sometimes very subtle and may be easily overlooked. Many times bad habits have been picked up though a unchecked negative ego of which controlling behaviors are buried under feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, fears and low ethical conduct.