This process can be used prior to the passing from the body, knowing that the transition will take place at the appropriate time. It can be used repeatedly. It can also be used after transition from the body has been completed and its effectiveness will nevertheless be available to the being for support of their continuing journey. When a being is passing their body they will quite often be drawn toward the light you hold as a guidance beacon. This makes it both appropriate and possible to serve as a "midwife of the spirit" no matter how physically distant you may be from the individual who is passing, and even if you have not had a close relationship in current timeframes. This process can also help with the necessary "letting go" of the human connection when we are close in heart relationship to someone who is moving on out of body. It can help us to be certain that we have done everything possible to support our friend or family member in their highest expression of their further journey 

When our minds can only think about surviving perceived threats, we are easily controlled and manipulated through blind spots, created from our own fears. This defines the state of mental bondage and suffering. Through perpetual states of feeling fear and anxiety, our Critical ThinkingExecutive Function and Emotional Self-Regulation skills, which help us to resolve problems in our life are essentially eliminated. We are unable to face challenges and solve problems effectively when fear lives in our mind. Overcoming Fear is the main lesson, we have to regain control over our mind and be able to accurately assess ourselves in our surroundings. Overcoming Fear also contains vital keys in becoming the director of our own lives, as well as leading us to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, or a life without suffering.

Self Esteem is the value of a person’s worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person feel more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person’s outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling of success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical. in order to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life.

To better identify conduct in people and groups that are representative of trustworthy behaviors, we will also need to improve our understanding of the conduct that defines both trustworthy and untrustworthy behaviors. Trustworthy behavior is modeled in the ethical conduct we observe in people with Strong Moral Character and strong core center. Untrustworthy behavior is modeled as unethical conduct in people with weak moral character and a weak center.

The Krystal Aegis Booklet we have compiled has been adapted as a suggested 90 day intercession for public and community use.

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