Learning to communicate with Soul and spirit and act upon its guidance will lead you to live a life congruent with your spiritual plan, one which behaves with Harmlessness toward others. Harmlessness is another way of saying karmic-less. Harmlessness and Effortlessness are core energetic principles that reflect how Spirit moves in time and space, based in Universal Law. Thus, we seek to emulate the qualities of harmlessness and effortlessness to connect with spirit in our HGS session and in every area of our lives.

  • Inner Spirit guidance always acts in harmlessness towards self and others (never attack, only defend)
  • Spirit avoids increasing karmic entanglements
  • Evolution is accelerated through harmlessness via accepting responsibility for life patterns and accountable towards actions
  • Natural Law is to conserve energy to maximize impact, be Fluid in Motion
  • Shift paradigm of grueling work to effortlessness to maximize energy efficiency
  • Nature moves effortlessly to generate power, emulate nature
  • Develop energetic effortlessness and maximize output efficiently by prioritizing your tasks
  • Reducing mental and physical stress increases receptivity to creative solutions to resolve problems

Living Harmlessly

Harmlessness is another way to say karmic-less. In this way you become efficient with energy management and stop the “karmic footprint” from repeating destructive patterns on the Earth. This also stops the pattern of destructive patterns with people in your life. The real spiritual self will not direct you to attack or intentionally harm another being, ever. The spiritual intelligence knows that all energy in the Universe is Love and is balanced at some point in time, and that nothing justifies harm. Harm has an energetic consequence of karmic imbalance, and if intentional harm is directed to hurt others or the self, that energy will be returned to the being at some point in time to make amends (rebalance). This means you will get more loads of karmic lessons and destructive patterns to balance in your life experience and within your relationship with others.

Your spirit wants to evolve and stop the karmic generating process and will lead you to learn those steps. This is not punishment, it is the Law of Responsibility, a law which most humans have forgotten. All of us are ultimately responsible for how we have directed the energetic consciousness we have been given while in a bodily form. Many of us (doing energy session or spiritual work) will find trauma from other lifetimes where this “harm” has been generated towards others, or we have received harm from others. Generally harm is generated from ignorance at our own perceived disconnection from others. At this time we can clear, heal and resolve all harm that has been made in all relationships, bringing energetic balance to ourselves and the others involved. When coming to observe such circumstances in one’s healing process, become the compassionate witness. Know that the cycle is ending and we are witnessing many different levels of harm that have been perpetrated over eons of time. Humans are making the choice to live congruent with their spiritual source, and now can learn again to live in harmlessness. The quickest way to evolve and clear energetic imbalance is to be of genuine service to others and attempt to show sincere kindness and harmlessness to everyone.

Because of the challenging nature to penetrate the incredible obstacles and negative control that is placed to prevent empowerment from an informed awareness being easily available to the masses, conservation ethics are also about of living with a goal of acting in harmlessness towards yourself and others. Conservation ethics is a mastery skill that anyone will benefit from learning how to apply in absolutely every area of personal lifestyle, all inter-relationships as well as the successful management of any type of currency or resource.

Conservation Ethics is being able to discern the Right Use of Action and Resources. Being aware of conservation ethics is about harnessing precious time and life force energies to be more effective and impactful through direct focus and right timing. These skills expand and differ slightly as one develops living harmlessly and applying conservation ethics in the management of the personal self, the management of children and family, the management of group resources, the management of community. As this planet is ending the waste of consumptive modeling and energetic vampirism and its architecture, as directed by Dark Force, to adapt to the shift we will be required to develop energetic conservation skills as well as learn the art of living harmlessly. Cultivate the wisdom in learning when to engage (or apply action) and when not to engage with others (just allow), especially within conflicting circumstances. When neutralizing conflicts we can apply win-win scenarios of compassionate communication, in which both parties are treated with respect and the intention is harm to none.

No person needs to justify their existence to another or to care what people think or judge upon them. Staying clear of emotional tantrums and dramas and not engaging means one is not feeding the drama to escalate into chaos. Drama is another type of potential harm that can escalate negativity in a variety of ways. Dark Forces use drama and conflict to instigate schisms and chaos between self and others, making us less effective, distracting us and scattering our energies. This is a dark force (ego) tactic of divide and conquer to spin out confusion and prevent unity. Conserving energy means a stronger focus, where one becomes much more effective and productive with managing personal energies. When we learn this skill, we gain access to more resources and improve our exchanges to connect with our spiritual sources. If we waste time and energy, if we abuse our spiritual energies or others, we reach an energy threshold that cannot be increased, draining us, and therefore dissipating its positive influence. 

The inner personal Christ is inherently available inside every human being, man, woman or child, that chooses to live dedicated to cultivating heart based virtue, dedicated to serving God with reverence for all life, which works in alignment with the Spirits of Christ.

No intention to harm oneself or harm another with malice can be present with the Spirit of God or True Christianity. A real Christos being will consciously exit the form s/he inhabits without traumatic death and create another living form to express within, in another location of time and space. This is the ultimate function of the meaning of Ascension. There is no killing of the physical body required to transform the eternal spirit to exist within another form body. There is only the death of the Ego and death to the Satanic and dark nature from controlling the body and Consciousness. Since the NAA genetic damage has reduced the absorbed spiritual light in a 3D physical body, currently the human body wears out and physical death is known to all humanity. When a human activates their inner personal Christ, there is no death, and thus conscious exit from this dimension is taken. This is called Transfiguration and is the original design of the divinity within, the Inner Christos light of a human being.

Thus, rituals of consuming Jesus Christ body and drinking his blood does not activate the Inner Christ, as it represents the violent crucified death of the Christ within humanity. When we see Jesus on the Cross we should remember that is a human being, and all of humanity is represented through him. Deconstruct the Cross for Jesus and simultaneously, we deconstruct the cross for all human beings.