Building the Spiritual House
Sample Foundational System

This is your suggested meditation treatment system to strengthen your personal Auric Field and integrate your Lightbodies. These are spiritual meditations to clear and activate your auric system from energetic imbalances. They are designed to SET THE FOUNDATION of your energetic core so that further corrections and reprogramming are easier to set in with new positive alignments. Build your core and then physical ailments start to heal, supporting an understanding that personal control of your mental and emotional behavior into harmonious forms is organic and natural. The companions to this meditation treatment system are mental body techniques to refocus negative or obsessive thoughts throughout the day. Consistently use your tools and please be patient!

How to Re-Label Thoughts as Positive or Negative

The graph below is of a Psychological Centering Model to use to better gauge thoughts that are recurring in either polarity. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are Superior or Inferior thoughts. When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique 1, identify the thought as stemming from Ego's Predator Mind (Reptilian Brain) and revalue it from its control over your emotional body and your other selves. When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-form immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your value or true nature. Do not let negative thoughts control you. Refocus and affirm the correct thought pattern.

Shifting Mental Pain with Interpretation Analysis

In order to clear and shift mind control and negative thoughts from running one’s life, one must identify them as the symptoms of the planetary and personal consciousness evolution. This time on earth, more than any other time in human history, is an incredible push towards consciousness participation for humanity to regain spiritual liberation. Liberation is free from the effects of negative thoughts and free from emotional suffering. Each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy, gratitude, and acceptance, you are doing global service work at a personal level.

Practical Tips and Strategies for Controlling Anger and Dealing with Angry People

One of the most common forms that healing crisis can play out in groups of people, especially those without impulse control or self-awareness, is to get really frustrated and angry from not knowing how to express pent up emotions. We have a lot of people on this earth who do not know how to handle or diffuse the intensity of pent up emotional anger that they feel bubbling up from deep inside themselves and sourcing from the collective consciousness. Our culture is not taught about the forms of anger, how to diffuse anger, how to gain control over personal impulses of anger, and how to get to the source of anger before it starts to take complete control over that person’s mind, emotions and body. It is important to recognize, now more than ever, expressing uncontrolled anger and violent outbursts without self-control is dangerous to you and dangerous to others. Expressing anger with violence only breeds more anger around you, and will infuse destructive energies into your life.

 Radical Forgiveness in Breathwork (Clear Rackets)

We are continuing to be repositioned and shifted so that our energy bodies and our consciousness are congruently aligned in the new timeline architecture, as well as the new energy foundation moving forward. This planet is undergoing a continual momentous change, with some pinnacle energies during the Ascension Cycle.  As we continually undergo micro-adjustments in just about every area of our inner person and lifestyle, we are witnessing more of the patterns and phenomena of our past cellular memories surfacing. These memories are both ancient and recently personal, they are stemming both from our multiple self-experiences (the many human incarnation experiences of the same patterns) and that which has defined us to accept the belief that we are a part of the human race, having an experience on the planet Earth. As a species we have many concepts or archetypes we believe to be true that define our human identity. These are being challenged deeply now.