Dear Ascending Family

Welcome to the Krystal Aegis Pages. The Krystal Aegis was born out of the many requests for help received from people who are struggling to free themselves from looping negative thoughts, looping negative emotions, or looping impulses toward addiction, and other destructive behaviors which are considered normal in the current worldscape.  Many times these destructive patterns are attachments, forms of possession, which require our full attention and commitment to get free of.  The tools offered in the Krystal Aegis were originally created for the Energetic Synthesis online community and are now being offerred to the public as an Krystal Star Guardian Spiritual Support System.  

Stated Outloud:

I, _________________Choose fully the Authority of God’s Laws and that which Serves the Light of Truth. I commit to my healing and Request Guardian Intercession on my behalf to restore the correct proportions of my manifestation body to the Eternal Perpetual Supply of the God Source. I am God, I am Sovereign and I am Free!

I promise to fully participate in my relationship to healing my body and commit to the processes set forth in partnership with God Source and Guardian Alignment through the Krystal Aegis sponsorship.

I state my Intention of Self Sovereignty through the Unity Vow as a handshake which allows God Source and its Krystal Guardians to surround and protect me.

Connect to your Inner Core:

  • Authentically declare your Intention from your Heart to resolve Authority issues. Defer your Ego to Serve God/Oneness
  • Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12D Shield Technique)
  • From within 12D Shield, create the Hub Handshake with Unity Vow
  • Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free)

DEVELOP SKILL SET FOR DAILY USE – Three Steps plus Daily Guidelines

Step One:

Daily Declaration of Intention (resolve the authority problem between Ego and God)

My declaration of intention is to serve my Source.
I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally.
I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free!

12D Purification and Calibration
Set code for Crucifixion Implant Removal


Beloved Holy Presence of God: Please open all channels of light, clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code.

From this Still Point of my Wholeness in manifest decision, I Decree in Sovereign Knowing, here expressed at my Command the Divine Will and Intention of the One Self-God Self. 

Dear Ascending Family, 

Through the Commitment of Building the Integrity of the Spiritual House (Spiritual Body), there are some areas to participate consciously with in order to be able to know what needs to be healed. When we become clear and apply conscious awareness, we can remove the confusion and then the obfuscation that is created by the dark/negative forces.